About the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA)

04 Feb, 2023 - By Okoh Hogan

A Little History

The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), an association of independent professional architects, was established on April 1st, 1960, with the mission to promote friendship among its members, care for their welfare, and create interdependence and cooperation.

Early in the 1950s, three Nigerian architects who were still completing their education in England had the inspiration and idea to establish an autonomous professional organization for architects in Nigeria.

An eight-person study committee was established in 1958 to carry out the intricate planning for the Institute's establishment, which ultimately resulted in the Institute's opening.

The Institute has seen a tremendous increase in its membership, activities, prominence, and influence both nationally and internationally from a modest 13 members at its founding.

Currently, there are roughly 12000 members overall, divided into five classes: Fellows, Full members, Associates, Graduates, and Students, who are dispersed throughout 31 Chapters and the Federal Capital Territory.

Core Values

The Nigerian Institute of Architects (N.I.A.) was established in 1960 with the same founding ideals that still guide them today: producing members who deliver amazing designs, influencing the world, and prioritizing safety while generating opportunities for the people.


To attain excellence in the creative management of the physical environment. 


To mobilize informed membership for quality services.