How cities are coping with the Climate change and recent heat wave

04 Feb, 2023 - By Okoh Hogan

The global warming dilemma has increased the likelihood and severity of heat waves. Millions of people in the northern hemisphere are in danger due to the high temperatures. Frequent heatwaves have recently affected Central and Western Europe, resulting in wildfires, evacuations, and deaths from heat-related factors. Local authorities in the United States are likewise advocating precaution, while Asia's heavily populated cities are preparing plans for dealing with the severe temperatures.

The front lines of this public health crisis are cities. Partly due to metropolitan heat islands, those who live in urban areas are among the most negatively impacted when heatwaves occur. This effect happens when cities dominate the natural land cover with dense concentrations of surfaces like pavements and buildings that absorb and retain heat.

The severity of the heat danger varies by neighborhood, with less affluent and historically marginalized areas suffering the most as a result of population density, restricted access to cooling systems, and a lack of green urban spaces.